The Leadership Team

Meet the Leadership Team!
Last Updated: January 2019

Here is a break down of those who make Reddit Yankee, twilight fire, and TheMaroonSpoons run behind the scenes. These are the guys that make it all possible and allow us to be the best we can be!

Board Members
The highest circle of trust where the issues of utmost importance are discussed. The driving force behind our success. All Board Members are Co-Leaders.

flashBang/stunGrenade – CoC Clan Leader, FWA Rep, Discord Admin, Recruiter, Web Designer

Smoochoom – FWA Spinner, Reddit Public Relations, War Tracking

Pineapple Lord – FWA Rep, Lead Discord Admin, War Tracking, Recruiter

Ravdav – FWA Rep

Pepperoni Hands – FWA Rep, Discord Admin, War Tracking

The second highest circle which engage in all administrative tasks that keep our community’s success moving forward in the right direction.

TechXC – Donations, Clan Activity, Clan Advisor

Popo – Donations, Clan Activity, Clan Advisor

Chile – Recruiter, Clan Advisor

RandomGye – FWA Spinner, Recruiter, Clan Advisor

Sugar Shane – Clan Advisor

eternal – Royale Clan Leader, Recruiter, Clan Advisor

Title given to those who have proven themselves loyal. These members set the highest standards of what it means to be part of a team. Have direct insight into Leadership channels to allow for future promotional opportunities and direct access to report issues/suggestions.

Open Positions
RCS Event Coordinator – Member who stays abreast of the latest upcoming events and raises discussions of our participation in the appropriate leadership channels.

Web Designer – Member familiar with CMS and/or Blogs who is willing to actively post content around our team’s successes and victories.