A brief history of twilight fire

So now you know all about Reddit Yankee and the history that has turned into Team RDYK. One clan simply wasn’t enough for the base that Reddit Yankee had become. So what is a twilight fire? The history of this clan all starts with my kids and me. I have three children. Their online nicknames are ShadowOfEnder, Firedude, and BabyTwilight. Shadow had a friend Flaming Cow who started us playing Clash of Clans about the time we started playing video games together like Minecraft. The clan name we joined was a humble pie flavored pie in early 2015. That doesn’t make sense to me, but a bunch of 10 year old boys thought it was hysterical.

However, this left out my 6 and 8 year olds from Clash. They played minecraft too. Why couldn’t they also play Clash with us. So, twilight fire was born. My youngest two were the name sakes to a small family clan that began that same year. We recruited a couple of my sisters, deadlycanopener and mecham (Charby). We would eventually add a few alt accounts so we could create bigger wars and work on leveling the clan’s level up.

About a year in we opened the clan to a few other online friends and in fact found a few random people that we played with for a long time. CrimsonChin was a minecraft friend that played Clash with us. An excellent war attacker who remained active until late 2017 when he joined the Navy.

General Gravey, Gravey’s Wife, and EmilysCoolWorld were a little family that joined our clan and participated in wars and were active for a couple of years. All great war attackers, although many times mom (Gravey’s wife) would do the attacks on Emily’s account.

Interest from my kids, especially the younger two certainly began to wane as 2018 approached. Deadlycanopener had gotten married and didn’t play much anymore. As Clash of Clans evolved and Clan Games became a thing, just running a bunch of alt accounts was too much work to max out Clan Games.

The Search for something Bigger

I wanted to find a Clash of Clans group that could smash clan games. I could contribute, and Shadow still played. I searched reddit for recruiting clans and found Reddit Yankee in May 2018. I explained my position to flashBang and he was both happy to have me in Reddit Yankee as well as use twilight fire to begin the start of a sister clan.

Initially, twilight fire was pretty well gutted, a few alts stayed, and flashBang brough his alt over and then a few leaders from Yankee like Smoochoom, Paul, pineapple lord, mirage, idgaf_chuck and popo would move over to begin rebuilding a serious war clan at twilight fire.

Twilight has grown today with both leaders from Yankee and from talent brought in through recruiting to become a serious war clan who contends very strongly in Clan Games hanging in the top of the RCS top list.

Charby hung around in twilight fire until about the end of 2018 and life just got too busy to keep up with Clan Games and wars and decided to leave the spot to someone else that can be more active. And with her moving from twilight fire, the last member of the family clan has moved on. Shadow and I (ravdav) continue our journeys in the FWA focused Reddit Yankee.

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