Q3 teamRDYK Leadership Update in these CrAzY times!

Well we skipped right over the Q2 update, didn’t we? This COVID-19 business really screwed up my routine, I’m sure that can be said for a lot of us.

teamRDYK.com has undergone some changes, continues to try and modify/tweak our Supercell community. Some of them I feel went well, others maybe not so much. Engagement is a key piece of ensuring a community thrives, stays together. teamRDYK is entering in it’s second year of existence. Starting from one clan we have now grown to 30 clans across Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars. We have a truly global footprint with folks from all areas of the world providing perspective and insight into not only the games we love to play but also the news and current affairs. It’s humbling to see how far we have come together.

And it is even more humbling to know that we still say true to our main core value of builder each other up – Not putting each other down.

We recently announced our Q4 event to close out 2020, and I am really excited for this one. We have some great prizes to give away – Gift cards – Everyone’s favorite! It’s also a great and fun time to mingle and meet other members of the community and clans that you otherwise wouldn’t interact with. Meet new folks? Yep! Learn new strats? Yep! Have an awesome experiene? You know it!

That is what we’re all about!

Alba has been a key part of building out our Clash Royale branch, and has grown it from 1 clan to 10. This would not have been possible without his leadership capabilities and eye for talent. This is why it is important to say that Alba has decided to step down from the board and focus on other areas of his life. He is still on Discord, but it was time for him to explore other things. I am grateful to have met him and play along side him and we at teamRDYK wish him nothing but the best.

Looking forward into 2021 brings opportunities. How can we best continue to grow our community? How do we deal with the blazing dumpster fire that is Clan Wars II in Clash Royale? What can we do to help deliver the best out of game experience for players who love to enjoy Supercell games? These are some of the questions we’ll be tackling as we go into the new year.

To close out this leadership update, I want to give a special thanks to each and every one of you who help make teamRDYK as great as it is. Thank YOU for helping us be the best we can be and let’s keep on rocking!

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