is proud to announce our upcoming event in Q4!

This will be a traditional NO DIP Draft War – ALL Town Hall levels are able to participate!
There will be three ten dollar gift cards for iOS or Android up for grabs!
Special thanks to Aditya for our SWEET event logo!

What is a NO DIP Draft War?

FIRST: No dip means that you must hit your TH level – TH10 vs TH10; TH13 vs TH13 – No hitting up or down!
SECOND: Draft war means that players are picked by the Team Leaders and it will be LIVE STREAMED!
THIRD: All heros MUST be up! All POTIONS and BOOSTS are allowed!



Dates and timing of the event:
Weekend of 11/13: Signups open
Weekend of 11/27: Signups close
Week of 11/30: Team Leaders picked
Week of 12/7: Live draft
12/10, 12/11: Players move to Clans
12/12: Prep day
12/13: War!!

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