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teamRDYK Mug Swag!

teamRDYK represent! PepperoniHands showcases the latest fashion trend!

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Leader Note – New Developments

teamRDYK family! Whoa. We have been experiencing times of tremendous growth with a lot of opportunity to continue forward. From two clans to 6 family members in a matter of months. A website that went from 400 to 55,000 hits … Continue reading

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TheMaroonSpoons Scores a Perfect War!

Led by PepperoniHands, TheMaroonSpoons flexes with a PERFECT WAR! Coming out swinging, the opponent did gave up when they saw the onslaught that was occurring. WELL DONE!!

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Clan Games Results are IN! (2/19)

The latest round of Clan Games has come to an end, and we have the results! Once again, Reddit Yankee beats ALL of RCS for total clan games points with over 145,000 points! GREAT JOB TEAM!!! Following up in 6th … Continue reading

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Lost Legion joins teamRDYK!

teamRDYK is proud to announce that Lost Legion has joined our growing clan family! They focus on Clash of Clans TH10-TH12 competitive war and are led by Mr. Mean and TonytheTerrible. They kick serious ass, offer a 4:1 win ratio, … Continue reading

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Reddit Yankee – February 2019 CWL Results

CWL Summary War League Position Total Stars Master 3 3rd 259 War Results Day Opponent Win/Loss Result No. 3 Stars 3 Star Players Most Heroic Attack Most Heroic Defense 1 مدمرو الكلانات Loss 31 – 34 5 Sugar Shane, Ravdav, … Continue reading

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