How to Join our Family

Hey there,

Our requirements from a Clan Perspective are pretty simple:

  1. You must have at least 30 active members.
  2. Your clan must be at least level 8.
  3. You must follow our core principle:
    1. We will remain true to the culture developed. Our absolute #1 priority is to make sure that we offer a safe, fun, relaxed atmosphere for people looking to chill and play games as part of a community.

Some administrative requirements:

  1. We will provide you with your own Discord items within our server. These include:
    1. Your own category.
    2. Your own roles.
    3. Your own bots.
    4. Your desired customization’s
    5. Your personalized Discord invite
    6. NOTE: Have your own Discord? No problem! You can keep doing your thing! All we ask if that you have your folks join our family Discord to mingle with fellow family members 🙂
  2. Your Clan Profile must be updated to include:
    1. A statement like “Part of the Family”
    2. A link to your personalized Discord invite

That’s it! We don’t require handing off Leader or Co-Leader or anything. Now that we explained what the Family expects of you and your team, what can you expect from us?

  1. Joining an established, active Discord to offer and a place for your members to engage with others and chill out.
  2. Mingle with other teamRDYK clan Leadership in designated Leader only channels. Ask questions about admin items, running clans, shoot the breeze with other Leaders.
  3. Recruitment assistance with customized, dedicated templates and reminders.
  4. Adult run administration. Most of us who oversee the Family are adults who see growing the community as a hobby. No drama here.
  5. Processes and procedures. Looking for stability? You found it.
  6. Fun. From family wide raffles to intramural clan wide events to meet fellow family members and win prizes like Season Passes and Gift Cards (Our last event we donated over $50 in gift card prizes.

Sound cool? To get the process started, please fill out the following Google Form (No personally identifiable information is collected in this process (email/IP/etc):