May ’19 CWL Results Across the teamRDYK Family!

Another month another round of CWL! This month we saw two of our family clans WAFfles and woods&whiskey really hit hard and both move UP! WAY TO GO!!

woods&whiskey hits Crystal League II! AWESOME JOB!

WAFfles hits Gold League II! NICE!!

We saw TheMaroonSpoons continue to strategically drop to a more even playing field — But check out ALL THOSE EARNED MEDALS!! GREAT JOB!!

twilight fire continues to progress towards moving into Crystal League II but remains in Crystal League III. Only 11 stars separated them from moving up into the next tier. As mostly TH9-TH11 war participants, that is just AWESOME!!

Reddit Yankee continues to hold their own in Master’s III, also coming close to moving into Masters II but just barely missed clinching the single upwards spot..

Overall it is obvious that all family members within teamRDYK are kicking some ass! Everyone who warred got a bunch of CWL medals across the board and the teamwork IS the BEST PART! WAY TO GO EVERYONE AND KUDOS ON A JOB WELL DONE!!

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