The Removal of Da Bomb and Terra Bomber from our Community

To preface this, I want to make sure it is absolutely clear that teamRDYK and the community we are developing is 100% FAIR PLAY. Any deviations from Supercell Terms of Service is obviously a no-no. While members of Da Bomb and Terra Bomber may have found themselves displaced from the teamRDYK family, those who were not partaking were and continue to be allowed to move into other clans within the family.

With the dust now settled, I want to offer full transparency on the events that led to some clan leadership changes, the departure of LadyB, and the removal of Terra Bomber from being part of our Team. We recently learned that multiple individuals were attempting to poach members from clans within our family.

This was done by some two-faced individuals who fooled even myself. The grief was too much for what had happened, and LadyB decided to leave the family entirely. Perhaps one day she will be back, there was no bad blood or ill will – It was her own decision. Terra Bomber lost it’s Leadership (LadyB) overnight and doomaster is attempting to pick up the pieces. Him and Lackyshu are fighting the good fight in putting it back together, and we are in early talks to establish their new clan within our family upon members moving over. If that happens, time will tell.

While the amount of trolls we have received has grown ever higher, it was decided to enact a plan that would essentially firewall or close off the #lobby as well as other channels to individuals without an assigned role. This would allow us to vet out individuals who may not meet our culture. However, after enacting the welcome-center, it was decided not to pursue such an option, realizing that an open lobby for current and new members, with the occasional troll, adds to the fun and overall experience that is the lobby.

teamRDYK is ran by individuals who enjoy building this community for fun, in the hopes of creating a safe, enjoyable, and relaxed atmosphere for gamers to relax. It is folks like YOU who make this community as great as it is, and the experience that has happened is something to learn from, but sadly it must be realized there will always be people out there who want to troll and cause havoc. Onwards and forwards we go, and apologies for the disruption if it affected you.

Furthermore, it has come to our attention that Da Bomb, led by xtCameron and Crystal, were actively engaged in activities which are not only against Supercell’s Terms of Service, but also goes against the very culture which we have developed. This includes Clan Trading, Account Trading, and possibly Account Stealing. With this said, I would like to make it VERY clear: That has NO place here. teamRDYK is PROUD to be Fair Play. HELP us carry that torch forward!

What are we doing to remediate this?
– We are DELISTING Da Bomb from being part of teamRDYK.
– We are BANNING xTCameron and Crystal from teamRDYK Discord.
– We are REMOVING all Roles, Channels, and Bots associated built up over time.

What are we doing for members/leaders of Da Bomb who are not familiar?
– You are welcome to join another clan of the family. We understand that most, if not all, members/leaders had no idea what was happening.

Where can I read the Supercell’s Terms of Service?
– You can find it here:

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