We’re BACK Online After a Web Host Migration! 100% Fully Restored!

Whoopsie .. You may have noticed that our website was down for a bit. Migrating WordPress sites from one host to another, something which I admittedly thought would be easy, proved to be quite the giant pain in the ass.

I ended up having to create my own database table, my own database import scripts, and manually re-upload the content images and theme customization config to get it just right. BUT – WE ARE BACK ONLINE! I know we had a number of folks who were looking to apply to join the community, if you’re still interested feel free to drop in an application!

I’ll post a Q3 update in a bit as there has been some changes, but our Q3 Event is happening in JUST A FEW DAYS! Let’s get ready for some FUN and thank YOU for being a part of it!

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