teamRDYK Launches Lemon Squad – Our Official Clash Royale Clan!

Lemon Squad officially launched after two rounds of name voting and after requests from multiple members. We first opened up voting to all of our members. After we voted on the “final four” — And with that, Lemon Squad was hatched! By members, FOR members!

Interested in joining? ~15 members in the first 24 hours — Join us for donations, war, and most importantly – FUN! Clan Tag: #PJPQLVYG

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teamRDYK Presents: No Dip Draft War — THIS DECEMBER!

Signup TODAY !! Click above for more details !!

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Da Bomb ****** Joins the teamRDYK Family!

We would like to give a warm welcome to the Da Bomb clan for joining into the teamRDYK family! Led by LadyB and xtxcameron03 this lvl15 clan is our latest addition to furthering our culture. Ladyb says…

Da Bomb was originally built a few years ago as a casual war clan. Leadership here is a shared partnership between both Cameron and LadyB. Cam is 16, from London UK and loves playing football but is also a casual gamer. LadyB is 27 from Essex, UK and loves all things Disney, Film and TV but is also a long time player of clash having previously led 3 successful clans but then had to step down when she took a break for personal reasons. Our main clan focus is to become a high level war clan where war lovers can further grow and develop their skills. Everyday we become better and that’s what we want to take into the future.

Welcome to the family !!!

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Omega Acolytes Joins the teamRDYK Family!

It is with a warm welcome that teamRDYK is proud to say that DementorC33, leader of OmegaAcolytes is our latest addition to the family!

A little bit about the leader and clan : Hi I am DementorC33, Leader of Omega Acolytes. I am 19 year old guy. I love to learn about corporate financing and stock market. I am a causal gamer but sometime gets competitive. In few words, I am a guy trying to spend my life having no regret when it’s time to go. My clan was started in year 2015 as a war clan. Since then we had proven great in clan wars and stayed a good place for war lovers.

Check them out on Clash of Stats!

Check them out in game!

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teamRDYK Clan Onboarding Process Development!

The teamRDYK Board has collaborated together and the output is a more mature, formalized process for Clan Leaders interested in joining our SuperCell Gaming Family!

We’re also happy to announce we are now allowing those with their own established Discord servers to apply! Have your own Discord server but want to join our growing family? Not a problem! We will still continue to offer offer the ability to create Discord roles/categories/channels on our main family Discord if you wish to do so. 🙂

All you need to know can be found with our helpful breakdown below – Along with the form to apply!

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teamRDYK welcomes Elite Nation to the Family!

Check out this fast and fun clan! From their Leader:

Hey, i’m tom/ Phoenix and the leader of Elite Nation! (My real name isn’t tom) our clan started with me and a few of my buddies and we grew it to lv 4 together. Then they lost interest and left and its been me and and my members. I have been playing since 2012 but lost a lot of accounts so im only a th 10. We are looking for people that are good at attacking and like to war! Thanks for reading!

Join them in Game today!

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Updates from woods&whiskey

Greetings from all of us over in the woods! It’s now been over 6 months since we joined teamRDYK and we’re as strong as ever. We’ve won 21 of our last 23 matchups and were promoted to Masters III in the most recent CWL. Getting to Masters had long been a goal of ours and we’re ecstatic to have achieved it this past month. Not only are we performing well, but we’re also growing as a team too (in more ways than one!) We went through the thorough process of becoming RCS verified and are proud to have joined the ranks of the incredible clans within the RCS. We continue to gain strong, reliable members who are also interested in furthering the clan as a whole. One of our members, Faust, was recently promoted to Co-Leader after showing lots of initiative in war planning (and that’s not even taking into account the unbelievable raiding that he’s able to achieve!) Our members are as active as ever, becoming closer as a unit and supporting each other through both in-game and real life. Our leader crackerjack recently had beautiful twin girls, thereby adding two new members to the woods family! We’re looking forward to the next 6 months of growing as a team and are excited to meet even more new members who will contribute to our success as well.

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teamRDYK Welcomes Vikings to the Family!

Vikings #8QYLVVRC is a family clan, 4 Generations. With a few friends we’ve become 30 strong. I have 9 accounts my daughter has 3 my first grandson will be starting his second soon. And my two great-grandsons want to start their own Clan. So we are serious. I have spent the last year helping 3 separate Clans achieve certain goals and now it is time for me to focus on our own Clan again. I play Everyday so I will continue to help other clans and keep are Clan doing wars on weekends to keep a balance.

Check them out on Clash of Stats:

Check them out in Clash of Clans:

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teamRDYK Welcomes to the Family! is a homegrown clan with its leader and co-leaders being comprised of high school and college friends. Starting out with the intention of being a farming and donation based clan, FarmersOnly recently underwent a culture change and is looking to become a more competitive war clan! With 40+ consistently active members, FarmersOnly has the activity and desire to become very successful!

Check them out on Clash of Stats:

Check them out in Game here:

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CWL Results across teamRDYK for August ’19!

Another month has gone by with another CWL under our belts! Those sweet, sweet medals only help to fuel the progression further! Are you tired of sitting by the sidelines? Check out any of our family clans and get in on the action!!

Let’s take a look and see how things went, shall we?

Burning Blades, the latest addition to the teamRDYK family, continues their strong rebuild and is kicking some ass in Gold League I! If you’re looking for a clan that is fresh and ready then check these guys out!
TheMaroonSpoons gets promoted into Crystal League I! These guys are whooping some serious ass!
twilight fire was demoted into Crystal League III. As our primary focus is on TH9/TH10 war (including CWL) – We know we’ll be outmatched but we try to come together and maximize star counts in order to hang in with the big dogs — We’ll try to get back to Crystal League II next month!
WAFfles continues their rebuild and moves into Gold League I! A job well done on all fronts!
woods&whiskey maintained their keep in Crystal League I! They’ll look to climb the ladder into Master League III next month!
Reddit Yankee also maintained their keep in Crystal League I! It was a matter of 9 stars that kept them from moving into Master League III, winning 6/7 wars — Not too shabby for a farm war clan!

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