teamRDYK’s TH2 CWL Clan Tiny Terror READY FOR BATTLE!

Are you tired of playing with scrubs who only use Barbarians?
Are you an elite TH2 attacker looking to advance your skills?
Better yet — Are you a MAX TH2?
Are you looking for a CWL WAR CLAN focused on THREE STAR STRATEGIES?

TH2 vs TH12 reach expert?
TH2 vs TH11 reach expert?
TH2 vs ANYTHING expert?

Well, boy, are YOU in luck! Tiny Terror, led by Cass of Burning Blades, is a MAX TH2 clan looking for fellow Tiny Terror’s to join the ranks!

See you on the Battle Field, Soldier!

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Leader Note – End of the Year Review & Looking at 2020

Well, it’s December.  The weather is starting to turn and the first winter advisory is on the horizon for us in the NYC region.  Thanksgiving is behind the folks in the United States, and I hope everyone who celebrated had a warm and enjoyable holiday.  Looking ahead we’re going into the holidays as well as the end of 2019. I’m excited for what the teamRDYK family was able to accomplish this year.  I’m excited for all the wonderful new folks who have helped to continue our growth.  I’m excited for each of YOU who choose to be a part of our community! 

Since the mid-year review, some shifts have happened.  As we grow and mature, it is only a natural progression for some members to leave the nest.  I’d like to start there – By giving thanks to all of those who have left our small corner of the internet – But continue in their own ranks to foster a community.  At the end of the day I can be proud to know that teamRDYK is able to revive clans, groom leaders, and grow communities.  Disagreements aside, that means a lot to me. I would like to tip my hat in the direction of the following individuals:

  • Pepperoni Hands, leader of Clash of Clans TheMaroonSpoons, and former Board member.
  • eternal, leader of the Clash Royale clan Royale Yankee, and former Board member.
  • Paul Creenis, leader of the Nintendo Switch clan, and former twilight Leadership member.
  • Chuck, leader of Clash of Clans Dazmos, and former Yankee Leadership member.

They have parted from us to build out their own communities, and it is an honor to be able to say that they were part of the Leadership engine of teamRDYK at one point.  Go forth and prosper gentlemen, and I truly wish you guys the best.  Having said that, teamRDYK has grown – Both from a process and family perspective – We’ve doubled in size.  I’m humbled to be able to say that our Discord server has passed six hundred members.  It is an honor to be able to say that our Supercell Community now consists of over fifteen clan’s across Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars. Our pipeline is strong and we always look for internal development of future clans before looking outward – I’m excited for what 2020 will bring!

We’ve also begun to formalize our website and have made the switch over to HTTPS instead of HTTP.  This has helped our search engine results dramatically and we can see that in the traffic we’re receiving:

The above chart shows our HTTPS traffic exponentially increasing.  We’re receiving >50 unique visitors to our website every day, with over >2000 unique visitors a month.  What an amazing accomplishment and it is all because of folks like YOU.  We’re getting the teamRDYK name out there and we’re having a BLAST doing it!  Our community has grown and we’ve got a lot to be thankful for.  I’d like to take a moment to recognize our latest family additions and give thanks to THEM for believing in our culture and joining our movement:

  • LadyB and Cameron from Clash of Clans Da Bomb
  • Alba from the Rebel Riot Club
  • Dementor from Omega Acolytes
  • Sweet Daddy from FarmersOnly
  • Shep from Vikings
  • Tom from Elite Nation

These Leaders and their members have shown that our Culture of building each other up – Not putting each other down is not only alive and well but thriving.  Hat’s off to you folks, it is an honor to be alongside you as we continue to grow our community, TOGETHER!

The teamRDYK Board has also grown to include seven members to directly oversee our future growth:

  • flashBang
  • Pine
  • Ravdav
  • Crackerjack
  • Green Village
  • Cass
  • Esco

Together, we have matured our processes:

  • Chat mods for Clan Leaders within our Discord server
  • Formalized application process for clans looking to join our family
  • Began planning out quarterly events for our family
    • Q4 ’19: No Dip Draft War
    • Q1 ’20: Air vs Ground War
  • Established a scouting and onboarding process for prospective clans
  • Established a review process for clans not meeting our expectations

I’m happy to report that we’ve had several clans apply to join our family, making this a crucial step in our progression forward.  However, in the sake of offering true transparency: Only a few have made it past the prospect stage.  This ensures that we’re bringing in clans that meet our culture but also offer a level of activity to make being part of our community a fun and engaging experience!

Tl;dr: We’re going to continue doing what we’re doing – And have FUN doing it by closing our the year with our FIRST EVER NO DIP DRAFT WAR!  If you’re looking to join a community with good natured, friendly folks – Check us out and let’s keep on keeping on in 2020!  We’re going to continue growing, we’re going to run more events, and we’re going to continue building each other up!  Thanks to all of YOU who make this possible!

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Rebel Riot Gaming Joins the teamRDYK Family!

REBEL RIOT GAMING led by Alba | RRG has decided to join forces with teamRDYK… Bringing 3 established Clash Royale clans, and a level 5 Clash of Clans clan. Let’s give a warm welcome to Alba and his teammates in joining us to become something bigger, together.

A note from Alba: Hello everyone, I’m Scott from Scotland (lol). I run Rebel Riot Gaming. I am pleased to announce we will be joining teamRDYK. We are a small but competitive mobile gaming group that offer a fun, drama free, friendly environment in our clans. Our first clan started about 6 months ago, we now have 3 clans on Clash Royale and 1 on Clash Of Clans. The majority of our members are from USA, UK and India. I look forward to getting to know you all, make some new friends and contribute what I can to this impressive Supercell community. Happy clashing!!

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November CWL Results Across teamRDYK!

CWL Results Across the teamRDYK Family !!
Awesome job by all!

Reddit Yankee holds in Master III!
woods&whiskey holds in Master III!
Burning Blades holds in Gold I!
Elite Nation moves into Gold I!
Da Bomb moves into Crystal II!
Omega Acolytes holds in Gold II!
twilight fire holds in Crystal II! moves into Crystal II!
Vikings moved down to Gold League II!
WAFfles holds Gold League I!

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teamRDYK Launches Lemon Squad – Our Official Clash Royale Clan!

Lemon Squad officially launched after two rounds of name voting and after requests from multiple members. We first opened up voting to all of our members. After we voted on the “final four” — And with that, Lemon Squad was hatched! By members, FOR members!

Interested in joining? ~15 members in the first 24 hours — Join us for donations, war, and most importantly – FUN! Clan Tag: #PJPQLVYG

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teamRDYK Presents: No Dip Draft War — THIS DECEMBER!

Signup TODAY !! Click above for more details !!

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Da Bomb ****** Joins the teamRDYK Family!

We would like to give a warm welcome to the Da Bomb clan for joining into the teamRDYK family! Led by LadyB and xtxcameron03 this lvl15 clan is our latest addition to furthering our culture. Ladyb says…

Da Bomb was originally built a few years ago as a casual war clan. Leadership here is a shared partnership between both Cameron and LadyB. Cam is 16, from London UK and loves playing football but is also a casual gamer. LadyB is 27 from Essex, UK and loves all things Disney, Film and TV but is also a long time player of clash having previously led 3 successful clans but then had to step down when she took a break for personal reasons. Our main clan focus is to become a high level war clan where war lovers can further grow and develop their skills. Everyday we become better and that’s what we want to take into the future.

Welcome to the family !!!

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Omega Acolytes Joins the teamRDYK Family!

It is with a warm welcome that teamRDYK is proud to say that DementorC33, leader of OmegaAcolytes is our latest addition to the family!

A little bit about the leader and clan : Hi I am DementorC33, Leader of Omega Acolytes. I am 19 year old guy. I love to learn about corporate financing and stock market. I am a causal gamer but sometime gets competitive. In few words, I am a guy trying to spend my life having no regret when it’s time to go. My clan was started in year 2015 as a war clan. Since then we had proven great in clan wars and stayed a good place for war lovers.

Check them out on Clash of Stats!

Check them out in game!

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teamRDYK Clan Onboarding Process Development!

The teamRDYK Board has collaborated together and the output is a more mature, formalized process for Clan Leaders interested in joining our SuperCell Gaming Family!

We’re also happy to announce we are now allowing those with their own established Discord servers to apply! Have your own Discord server but want to join our growing family? Not a problem! We will still continue to offer offer the ability to create Discord roles/categories/channels on our main family Discord if you wish to do so. 🙂

All you need to know can be found with our helpful breakdown below – Along with the form to apply!

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teamRDYK welcomes Elite Nation to the Family!

Check out this fast and fun clan! From their Leader:

Hey, i’m tom/ Phoenix and the leader of Elite Nation! (My real name isn’t tom) our clan started with me and a few of my buddies and we grew it to lv 4 together. Then they lost interest and left and its been me and and my members. I have been playing since 2012 but lost a lot of accounts so im only a th 10. We are looking for people that are good at attacking and like to war! Thanks for reading!

Join them in Game today!

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