Every journey begins with the first step.

Good morning!

TeamRDYK.com is a GO!  This is a website around a vivacious and thriving Clash of Clans mobile gaming community that is made up of an international group of members.  We are PROUD to have a solid core leadership team and 100+ active overall members who help make us the best place we can be when it comes to playing Clash!

Our diverse member portfolio includes members from the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, the United Kingdom, India, and others!  We are made up of two active clans and one event clan.  Our main clan – Reddit Yankee – Is a clash farmers paradise!  We participate as an active member of the Farm War Alliance (FWA) (http://www.farmwaralliance.org/) as well as focus on the overall atmosphere of chilling out and farming.

twilight fire is a spot for our competitive war.  We focus on TH9 war there and because of our teams overall strength we’re able to boast a war win ratio of 80%.  That’s REALLY good!  This is also what we call our feeder clan to Reddit Yankee.  If you are interested in joining Reddit Yankee, I highly suggest you get acclimated in twilight fire first, for two reasons.  One – Our overall leadership team is in both clans so you can get to know us and we can get to know you.  Two – We always poll new members for Reddit Yankee interest in twilight fire first, as we are a big fan of internal moves rather than external recruitment posting.

Okay – I think I’ve typed enough for this post!  Be on the look out for our new happenings such as our Clan War League (CWL) and Clan Games results!  Thanks for reading!

flashBang / stunGrenade

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