Leader Notes: A debrief

Good evening folks!

flashBang here, and I am sitting down with a fresh bottle of Brooklyn East IPA (easily my favorite beer at the moment) to write my first Leader debrief.

The goal of this is for anyone looking for insight into what it takes to run a successful online gaming group gain some perspective on how to do just that.

So sit back, have a beer, smoke a joint, and take a minute to get some history. I’ve been building online gaming communities since before Valve’s Steam platform existed. Quite a long time ago, for sure. The game was Day of Defeat, it was your standard first person shooter. Tied in with voice chat, it was a great platform to just hang out, shoot the shit with fellow internet folks, and just have a good time.

One server in particular had an excellent crowd, was consistently full, and proved to be my repeated go-to for late night fragging. As I became a regular, I became more involved in how the group operated, and how it was led. From the outside looking in you don’t realize the amount of work it takes to make an online gaming group work – And that is no different for mobile gaming – If anything, because it is a mobile game, it makes it harder.

It was in those early days I learned a lot about the importance of leading a group. And this is where my first piece of advice comes into play. You aren’t leading anything alone. The absolute first and most important part is to build a solid foundation with good, reliable people. From there anything is possible. That is what makes teamRDYK what it is today – A community with almost two hundred active players across three Supercell games, and a solid leadership core that spans across the globe with different opinions. That last part is especially important – Do not surround yourself with people who just say ‘yes’ to everything.

With a solid foundation you can lead together – As a team – And those searching will find you. Not everyone will fit what you are trying to do, and not everyone will understand it. People will come and people will go, that’s okay – It’s going to happen. To round out my first Leader Note: Be flexible, be patient, and surround yourself with solid folks giving off positive vibes.

I’ll write again soon and dive into how two “dead clans” were revived and how you can, too.

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