CWL Results across teamRDYK for August ’19!

Another month has gone by with another CWL under our belts! Those sweet, sweet medals only help to fuel the progression further! Are you tired of sitting by the sidelines? Check out any of our family clans and get in on the action!!

Let’s take a look and see how things went, shall we?

Burning Blades, the latest addition to the teamRDYK family, continues their strong rebuild and is kicking some ass in Gold League I! If you’re looking for a clan that is fresh and ready then check these guys out!
TheMaroonSpoons gets promoted into Crystal League I! These guys are whooping some serious ass!
twilight fire was demoted into Crystal League III. As our primary focus is on TH9/TH10 war (including CWL) – We know we’ll be outmatched but we try to come together and maximize star counts in order to hang in with the big dogs — We’ll try to get back to Crystal League II next month!
WAFfles continues their rebuild and moves into Gold League I! A job well done on all fronts!
woods&whiskey maintained their keep in Crystal League I! They’ll look to climb the ladder into Master League III next month!
Reddit Yankee also maintained their keep in Crystal League I! It was a matter of 9 stars that kept them from moving into Master League III, winning 6/7 wars — Not too shabby for a farm war clan!

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