Da Bomb ****** Joins the teamRDYK Family!

We would like to give a warm welcome to the Da Bomb clan for joining into the teamRDYK family! Led by LadyB and xtxcameron03 this lvl15 clan is our latest addition to furthering our culture. Ladyb says…

Da Bomb was originally built a few years ago as a casual war clan. Leadership here is a shared partnership between both Cameron and LadyB. Cam is 16, from London UK and loves playing football but is also a casual gamer. LadyB is 27 from Essex, UK and loves all things Disney, Film and TV but is also a long time player of clash having previously led 3 successful clans but then had to step down when she took a break for personal reasons. Our main clan focus is to become a high level war clan where war lovers can further grow and develop their skills. Everyday we become better and that’s what we want to take into the future.

Welcome to the family !!!

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