twilight fire CWL proved to be an interesting one!

twilight fire faces a challenge.  Initially placing high in Crystal League II due to opting in every member of the team, we placed in leagues with a majority of TH12s, 11s, and 10s.  Because twilight fire focuses on TH9 war, this is obviously not the best scenario for us.

A HUGE shout out to RandomGye for directing the war strategies and Brotato for consistently being on top of war cc donations.  THAT is what being a TEAM is all about!!

This is what made this particular CWL an interesting one to watch.  Sadly, I am not able to get the CWL details from our last go to see star counts from our team, but let me just say that EVERYONE came together and really pulled down some great two-stars!  Hitting up as a TH9 to TH10/TH11/TH12 is never easy, but WE WERE UP TO THE CHALLENGE!

We’re on our way down to Gold III or Gold II league where I believe we’ll find our sweet spot.  Having said that, we were strong enough to only go down one league, to Crystal III, due to our war savvy TH9s sweet attacks!

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