CWL Results Across teamRDYK for July ’19!

teamRDYK clans have recently finished their July CWL’s. The results? The strength of our team shows in itself. Let’s take a look!

TheMaroonSpoons, led by Pepperoni Hands, continues to TEAR IT UP by moving up for the SECOND month in a row! Now in Crystal League II, a very impressive showing overall by that crew!

WAFfles, led by Esco, is another clan to watch out for — Moving up two months in a row, this time reaching Gold League II! Focusing on TH9-TH11, this is the way it is done!

twilight fire, led by the myself and Green Village, maintained our stake in Crystal League II. What I think is important to note is that twilight fire has a majority focus on TH9-TH10 war-focused individuals. Maintaining Crystal League II shows that we can go against TH12s and STILL hold our own. WELL DONE!

Reddit Yankee, led by myself and the fellow Yankee Leadership team, maintained their stake in Crystal League I. While throughout the rest of the month we focus on farm wars, during CWL we get the war bases up and go against others trying to climb up! Enjoy those medals!

woods&whiskey, led by crackerjack, continues to show their strength by holding it down in Crystal League I! Stability is key, and finding ways to improve a key focal point, this is the clan to watch out for — These guys are destined for great things!

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