Leader Note – Midyear Review & Looking Towards the Future

It is a personal deliverable of mine to reflect at certain times throughout the year.  Where we’ve come from, where we’re going, but most importantly – The folks that have joined our supportive and friendly culture – Is what inspires me to keep going the most.  Now that we’re halfway through 2019, I want to stop and make sure to focus on some of our key highlights.

First: Our people.  I continue to be impressed by the great personalities that join our ranks.  I continue to be humbled knowing that there are so many good-hearted people who want to see what we’ve built thrive and move in the right direction.  Let it be sharing music, shooting the breeze, assisting with war attacks, dealing with personal issues – Our goal of becoming a community is not only a reality – It’s evolving into something more.  Which leads me to our second point.

Our website.  The traffic continues to move in the right direction, and it is one area that I focus on to ensure that we are reaching people and getting the word out: teamRDYK is a Vibrant Supercell Community for Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars.  So how is our website doing?  We’ve averaging about ~50 unique visitors a day with ~1500 unique visitors a month.  Whoa.  That is humbling. Thank YOU for making that possible!

My third point is giving a warm welcome to two new Clash of Clans groups who have merged into our family: woods&whiskey, led by crackerjack, and WAFfles, led by Esco.  When looking at Clash of Clans, we’re now five strong!  Our collective leadership team now ensures that we ensure a vibrant, safe, friendly community to over three hundred members!  I want to stop here and really let that sink in.  300 fellow gamers from across the globe now call a teamRDYK clan home!  Why?  In my opinion it’s easy to see:  We offer an inviting environment where you don’t have to be the best, you don’t have to have an ego, you don’t have to flaunt your lifestyle.  We offer a community of likeminded, good natured people.  That is what makes us stand out and I am honored to be a part of the Leadership team to continue moving this forward.

The fourth point is some key movements across the leadership area to help promote those with the best interests for our success.  It is here where it is crucial to recognize the work that eternal, thawn, and sleepykeefe are doing to help drive our extremely active Clash Royale clan (Royale Yankee).  The work that is being done there is truly admirable, and they took the same attitude from Clash and integrated into Royale.  Is it any wonder they are consistently topping over 15,000 donations a week and hard pressed NOT to be at 50/50 members?  Another key area where it is important is my stepping down from our Brawl Stars club (Reddit Yankee).  As a leader, it is important to recognize one’s own shortcomings.  Here, I knew I could not devote the appropriate time to ensure the teamRDYK feel.  Because of this, I reached out to long time member Jael to lead our Brawl Stars club to success.  Damn.  What a great job he is doing!  Not only has he cleaned out the inactives, but his efforts in recruiting new members every week shows and he is taking it to levels I was not able to.  Well done good sir.

Looking forward, it is important to keep striving, keep moving forward, and keep growing our community.  What is the teamRDYK Leadership Team doing to ensure this?

  • Season pass raffles and other monetary gift raffles through various challenges.
  • Meet the members bios to further develop a sense of community.
  • Continue to recruit in timely manners, to raise awareness of what it is we do.
  • Continue to look for opportunities to bring clans into our community who match our culture.
  • Further develop the website with new content to drive viewership up in the right direction.
  • Development of a podcast.

As always, I realize that one person is not able to do it all.  That is why I am humbled and honored to have met and work with some of the most amazing people that have ever played a Supercell game.  All our Leadership, across all our Supercell game clans/clubs share the same focus across the board: To create a safe, fun, and vibrant community built on building each other up, NOT putting each other down.  Salute to all of you, and let’s keep kicking some ass!


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